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Ewing Irrigation & Landscape Supply

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    Your Source for Landscape and Irrigation Supplies.
    Ewing provides landscape, irrigation and golf course professionals with the supplies they need to create healthy, sustainable environments. Founded in 1922 as an irrigation distributor, our breadth of products has evolved to include water management solutions, agronomic supplies, landscape lighting, water features, hardscape and erosion control. Ewing maintains branch operations in 195 convenient locations from coast to coast, and at each branch, there is a team of knowledgeable professionals ready to serve your business needs.

    Address:     11059 S. Memorial Dr. Tulsa, OK 74133
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    Phone:    918-606-3473   FAX: 


    How To Troubleshoot Landscape Products EZ-ID CV Dripline
    As with any irrigation system, it’s important to understand product operating requirements and limitations when creating your design. This is also true when troubleshooting an existing system including one that uses dripline. In this video, Steve McCarter from Landscape Products, Inc., shows how to troubleshoot an irrigation zone equipped with Landscape Products EZ-ID 17mm CV dripline.

    Lawn Care Tips - Maintaining Turf Health
    There are many factors that can impact the health of your lawn. The best way to approach the care of your turf is to have a regular maintenance plan. Eliot Chaffee from Ewing Irrigation & Landscape Supply explains in this video.

    Avoiding Fertilizer Burn - Know Your Nitrogen
    If not applied properly, fertilizer can damage your lawn. The most visible problem is burn. Most fertilizers, especially ones with quick release nitrogen, are salts. Salt can draw water away from plant roots and tissues and turn a green, healthy lawn yellow or brown. Larry Perotti, National Turf & Ornamental Instructor from the Ewing Education team, explains in this video.