Southeast Green Conference & Trade Show
presented by Georgia Green Industry Association

    GGIA is thrilled to invite you to Southeast Green | Gas South District | Duluth, GA. 
    Georgia’s premier multi-day conference and trade show is dedicated to the green industry. Connect, Learn, and Grow:  Southeast Green offers an unparalleled opportunity to network with industry leaders, innovators, and peers from across the region.   Why Wait -- Register Now!  Secure your spot today, and be part of the community that's shaping the future of the green industry. Forge impactful connections, access cutting-edge tools, and acquire the knowledge that will drive your business to new heights in 2024.

    Quality solutions since 1946
    A North American specialty liquids chemical manufacturer
    Built on quality, integrity, and innovation, we pioneered precision-placed liquid fertilizer in 1946 – formulated to meet the nutritional demands of crops and growing conditions on both sides of the border. Our two founding companies, The Na-Churs Plant Food Company and Alpine Plant Foods Corporation, captivated growers’ attention and revolutionized farming practices by developing precision-placed, seed-safe, liquid phosphate starters that kick-start strong, early root growth and maximize crop yields. In 1998, The Na-Churs Plant Food Company acquired Alpine Plant Foods Corp. and formed Nachurs Alpine Solutions.

    Committed to the Marketplace with over 75 years of experience and growth
    Our steadfast commitment to serving the needs of our customers is unwavering as we provide products and customer service of the highest quality. Our clients value the extreme care that we invest in manufacturing our products to very high-level specifications. That attention to detail helps ensure the success of our clients’ business operations. Production plant redundancy enables us to provide quality service to our clients at all times. Our products deliver tremendous value and help safeguard a sustainable and profitable future for our customers and our environment. As we are the original 4R company, our products have always been developed based upon the basic principles of the 4R Nutrient Stewardship: the Right Product to apply at the Right Rate in the Right Place at the Right Time. That’s an important consideration for our clients who value environmentally friendly products. The low salt indexes, low impurity levels, high ortho content and neutral pH values of our products help promote a safer environment.

    Our liquid fertilizers are marketed under the ALPINE® brand and NACHURS® brands in North America. The New Ag Markets Business Unit sells liquid fertilizer into turf, specialty, international, and private label markets. Products sold into oil and gas markets, transportation and mining markets and industrial chemical markets are all sold under the NASi® brand.

    Address:   421 Leader Street Marion, Ohio 43302
    Phone:  800-622-4877   FAX:  740-383-2615



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