Southeast Green Conference & Trade Show
presented by Georgia Green Industry Association

    GGIA is thrilled to invite you to Southeast Green | Gas South District | Duluth, GA. 
    Georgia’s premier multi-day conference and trade show is dedicated to the green industry. Connect, Learn, and Grow:  Southeast Green offers an unparalleled opportunity to network with industry leaders, innovators, and peers from across the region.   Why Wait -- Register Now!  Secure your spot today, and be part of the community that's shaping the future of the green industry. Forge impactful connections, access cutting-edge tools, and acquire the knowledge that will drive your business to new heights in 2024.

    Specialize in cell pack and containerized groundcovers & perennials.
    We're located in Statham, Georgia, and have been serving the area for over thirty-seven years. We specialize in cell pack and containerized perennials and groundcovers. We began our journey in 1977 as a supplier of bare root groundcovers. In the early '80s, we began transitioning to containerized perennials and groundcovers. We now grow over 900 separate products in cell packs, 2¼", 4" and quart pots and gallon containers.

    Address:     1501 Dials Mill Rd. Statham, GA 30666
    Contact:   Jon Hobus
    Phone:    (678) 753-1818   FAX:  (678) 753-1166



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